Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar and Spice Press Publisher Interview

Boy oh boy, the next Publisher makes me hanker for a treat - must ignore cupcake in the kitchen - I would like to welcome Kelly Ann Pearson CEO/Publisher of Sugar and Spice Press. Do you ever think of your house name and get the munchies?

Terry Kate: What makes Sugar and Spice stand out in the sea of Independent Presses?

Kelly Ann:  I think of the differences in our authors we are a diverse and we have such am amzaing selction in books and ideas. it made it seem only natural to name our company something that covers all the spectrums of our books. Sugar is sweet and mild and Spice gives you a hint of something more.

TK: Oh yum, Tell us a little about what a tasty house like yours publishes, what is S&S Press's specialty?

KA: We publish romance. Our motto is where romance is everything thing nice. We love the thought of a happily ever after and most of our books reflect that. from Paranormal to Contemporary. Sensual to Erotica, you will find our books make our readers believe in love in someway

TK: What areas are hot sellers for you? Any sub-genre a popular menu item?

KA: Our readers love the Interracial books those are a hot seller and also our paranormals in any genre does very well. We are not in the process of really getting our Young Adult line of the ground and we have some new great titles coming out in that genre this spring

TK: What made you decide to reach out to younger readers?  Will interracial books be a prominent part of the YA line also?

KA: No actually we a wide variety of authors for our Young adult line. One of our favorites Is Linda Palmer's The Cinderalla Swap. Readers love this book and it has gained rave reviews. I myself have a teenage daughter and she always said we need books to cater to her age group..I gave her her wish.

TK: Do you read YA yourself?

KA: Of course I have a few Young adult writer I love and some really great Adult authors I read voraciously,

TK: If you could get your hands on more stories in a certain genre - or with certain characters what would it be?

KA: I would love to get more Paranorma Erotica and Contemporary Erotica in Novella format. I have such a wide readership for this genre that we could always use more. So authors submit away!

TK: Oh fun, what do you think it is about the Novella length that appeals?

KA: I think its the short quick read. Excitement, intensity, romance, lust all rolled into one tight little package. LOL we all want that right?

TK: Romance that comes to us in a tight package? Sounds good to me.

KA: LOL we all want to fall in love quickly, intense attraction that leads to along lasting relationship. Our authors give their readers that and more in every page of their boioks

TK: Kelly Ann thank you so much for sharing about your company. I know how busy publishers are.

Vistit Sugar and Spice Press and find out more! - http://www.sugarnspicepress.com/